Honour Forever


Added to the Honour legend roll call, for 1 years + continuous service in the Army of Honour - Raven.

Added to the Honour legend roll call by high / elder council descretion, for the Cyrodiil war add on which we have added to our pvp essentials package for all honourians to use in elder scrolls online - Gandalf

Divaito after years of elder council service as one of our Field marshalls has now taken control of Honour (Imperial) in SWTOR.

Thank you to Meddor, our last Honour overlord who successfully lead the move from tomb of freedon nadd server to red eclipse.

Overlord Traig is to go semi afk for some of the summer.

Honour ESO will now be under the rule of an Honour captain and subject to Marshall Law!

change of Overlord ESO

Boemondo MAKA...GET ON THE CROWN!!! ,-)) congrats!

Looking to join the Honour Army?

Already in the army and looking to be a more effective killing machine?

Check the below link to our new up to date PVP essentials everyone needs to read.

Honour Army (ESO PVP) Essentials for all Honourians

Cuthach (aka trickyd89) has been added to the Honour Legend roll call, for 1 year of Army service in Elder scrolls online.

Our longest running Scout and also a keen Army lead.

Thank you for your service to Honour